About Us

Hello!  We are Sean and Michelle, life-long Catholics, parents to three boys, and owners/designers here at Manducat Rosaries.

We started out making the wooden crosses for Manducat.  We loved the products and thought the teethers were a great way to instill the Catholic faith into our household at a young age.  When the opportunity came along to keep the business going as owners we jumped right in!  Our goal is to provide Catholic products and inspiration to bring more faith into your home. 

The first products were these teething rosaries.  If a baby is going to be chewing on something, these teethers can serve as a means to include the child during prayer time.  

The general theme we use to design and curate the Manducat line of products: beautiful, practical, Catholic products and ideas that can be incorporated into your life in a natural way. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on new designs that will make great gifts for every sacrament!

Learn more about how our products are made and the safety measures we take to ensure quality with each teether.

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