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  • Kids and Prayer Time: How to effectively use Catholic toys and books to encourage good behavior at Mass and during the Rosary

    How can you keep kids peaceful and engaged during Mass and family rosary time? When my oldest child was just beginning to discover his free will, I asked myself and others (and the internet) this question numerous times. One thing I came across frequently was the suggestion to have a set of special Catholic toys and books, which are only allowed during Mass and prayer time. The reasoning behind this idea is that these toys will remain interesting because they are not always available, thus making Mass and prayer time interesting and enjoyable. 

    Allow me to respectfully disagree.

  • Patron Saints for Election Day 2020

    Here are some great patron saints for the 2020 election.
  • Converting the Little Heathens: Evangelization at Home

    As parents, your primary subjects for evangelization are not a general “everyone,” but a very specific group: your children.